Longquan and Baigongyan Reservoir

This post is about a cycle ride I made with three fellow couch surfers on another weekend here in Chengdu, China.  Andrew is from America and cycled more than two years to collect funds for a school in southern India.  I had originally derived inspiration from his example and planned my own cyclists’ charity ride […]

In and Around Chengdu

This is a 3-part posting about various trips that I, fellow couch surfers and friends have recently made.  Peter, my Chinese friend from Jilin Province, and Katya and Mirko, from Europe, went on a ride 30 kilometers north of the city to explore a bike path in the countryside.  I, Peter, Katya and Mirko went […]

Mt. Yuping Cycle Trip

May Day 2010 was a 3-day holiday in Chengdu where I am working as an English teacher, volunteering with a local group of parents and their children, and saving my money for this charity bicycle ride.  This weekend was a chance to get out of the city, visit a mountaintop resort not far away, and ride […]