Kathmandu to Kanyakumari

I remember well the year my father died around 20 years ago. I was studying in India and staying at the Prem Nagar Ashram in Haridwar, U.P. (north India). I was out of touch with my family so a letter from my mother informing me of his death didn’t arrive until a month after he […]

Student Internship in T. Andipatti, near Madurai, Tamil Nadu

I arrived in India during the first half of 1985 after completing a semester of studies in Jerusalem, Israel. I first attended a month-long orientation after meeting my school’s center director and the one other student who was in India at the time. We made a small group that traveled around while I decided where […]

Keystone Cops in Uttarakhand

This story is 20 years old as I find myself writing it in 2008 — presently, I have finished working in Thailand and am on holiday in Laos before returning to Chengdu in China where I’ve previously worked. The story’s message has a deeper meaning for me now as I have shared some of my […]