Goodbye Chengdu

I often have asked myself why I lived in China and worked there so long in such an ‘alien’ environment.  I am not referring to China’s culture as being ‘alien’ in comparison to my own cultural background and heritage but instead I am pointing to the ‘alien’ urban sprawl of a large city slowly consuming […]

A Tale of Two Lakes

I decided recently that there must be some parks and nice green spaces left undiscovered in Chengdu that I could cycle to on my holiday. I just added a week to the National Day holiday from the 1st to the 7th here in Chengdu for a total break from work until the 17th – a […]

Rubbing the Laughing Buddha’s Belly for Luck

This is a story about a hike I was on with school children and their parents — one that I wasn’t expecting and was ill-prepared for.   It took place last year (2009) on October 25th during the Sichuan fall season.   I’m 58 now, fatter than when I hiked to Hemkund in north India. […]

Yanji in Jilin Province

I arrived at the Yanji airport at nearly midnight on March 10th, 2008, after traveling overland through Thailand, Laos and China to Kunming — where I took a couple of flights to finish the journey. Of course, the first thing I noticed was that it was ‘damn’ cold. Yanji reminded me a lot of Ulaanbaatar, […]

Kindergarten Blues in Chengdu

I am finally getting around to writing this page after being back in Chengdu for more than four months.  I have ridden my bicycle around town from one side of the city to the other and around it on one or another of the four ring roads that encircle it.  A round trip on the […]